Friday, February 5, 2010

Battle for the Cure

I will be running a tournament late March (3/20) called "Battle for the Cure." At the same time, we will be holding a silent auction.

The auction will consist of various things from a squad of ~10 being painted by Golden Daemon finalist Richard Rush, to models donated by IFL and Game Vault members (both painted and unpainted), to dice and boardgames.

The fees for the tournament and money gained from the auction will be going to sponsor a fellow IFL member, Bill Donovan, as he yet again participates in the Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure. He has participated in this for atleast the past 2-3 years that I have known him. This is the first time however that we have decided to run a tournament in support of Bill.

Breast cancer has touched may lives and in many ways, I know that it has touched Bill's life, Bill lost his mother and sister to breast cancer and now I have found out that my friend Rich Rush's mother spent the better part of last year fighting it (and beating it). So maybe with the help of this tournament we can make a small dent to help out the lives of those we care about.

If you are interested in helping out feel free to make a donation to Bill Donovan, either through the web page or if you are close to Fredericksburg, VA you could always come by and check it out. The tournament should be alot of fun and is open to anyone who is interested in participating.

Additional information can be found on the IFL webpage as well as the Game Vault webpage.

Please feel free to click the links as they send you directly to the pages concerned.

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