Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flawless victory - Happy Birthday to me

Well have you ever had one of those days where everything just goes right when it comes to gaming.

I did yesterday, at the tournament at Game Vault, and then even better it was my birthday so happy 32nd B-day to me.

Here was my list

5 Death Company - (2 Power Weapons)(1 Power Fist)(1 Thunderhammer)
Furioso Librarian Dreadnought
Death Company Dreadnought
10 Man Assault Squad - (Plasma Pistol, Meltagun)(PW Sgt with Meltabombs)
Sanguinary Priest - (PW)
10 Man Assault Squad - (Plasma Pistol, Meltagun)(PW Sgt)
Sanguinary Priest - (PW)
Stormraven - (Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolters, 4x Bloodstrike Missiles, Hurricane Bolters)

So my first opponent was Peter playing Space Puppies. Not a bad list and once we figured out the set up and that I could go first on a 4-6 and 15 minutes of game time had disappeared I still had large victory margin of 13 KP to 7 KP. His last 2 KP were a single man unit and a Chaplain with one wound left. All he had left was 3 Razorbacks and a 5 man squad. 

My next opponent was Mike who was playing Blood Angels, and even better than that he was playing a list almost identical to mine. I was the defender which was not a good thing until we rolled to see who was going first and Mike was nice enough to roll a 1. Oh happy day I rolled a 3 and then proceeded to unleash the rage. Going into the bottom of turn one all he had left was a single Sanguinary Priest, and I think I had lost one or 2 guys. Turn 2 all I could do was reposition and wait for his reserves to come in. Well turn two they did and they put a quick hurt but then since I had everything set so one thing was backing up another I was able to fend off his assault and take the lone objective for me. I was able to table Mike at the bottom of turn 4.

My third game was against CJ who was playing Tau. Things were just going my way all day, once again I got first turn and I wiped out one Broadside Battlesuit and popped the gun off of his Hammerhead. Wow 2 big threats down in one turn. Everything just seemed to go downhill for CJ after that, his deepstriking put him closer to me than he wanted, his shooting wasn't doing anything thanks to Feel No Pain, all of my units were just shooting like the Tau had bulls-eyes on their chests. I was able to grab the objectives and table CJ at the bottom of turn 4.

Great day for win all 3 games, take first place for the first time ever, and all on my 32nd B-day.